Continental Specialty Tires - Agricultural Tires

Шины для индустриального транспорта

With Heart & Soil
With Heart & Soil
The robust allrounder.
The new standard for all applications

Agricultural Tires

With Heart & Soil

Bringing home the harvest together.


The robust allrounder.


The new standard

With Heart & Soil

Bringing home the harvest together. With tires you can trust. We share the farmer’s passion for soil because our tires touch it all day, every day. 

Tractor Tires

Every farmer has something that makes him special. With their patent-pending N.flex© technology, Continental tires are unique too. At our high-tech plant in Lousado, we’ve developed a new type of nylon carcass that makes our tires more robust and round.

In view of the growing world population and the increasing need for agricultural crops, the number of large-scale operations and therefore the demand for efficient agricultural tires is increasing. This is where we have many years of experience as a premium manufacturer.

Thorsten Bublitz, product line manager for agricultural tires

Multi-Purpose Tires

They are especially designed for mixed on-/off-road use with a strong emphasis on tough conditions. The flexible carcass and the wide inflation pressure range allows for both high speed on-road and rough-ground off-road operations.