With Heart and Soil

Шины для индустриального транспорта

With Heart & Soil

Agricultural Tires

Heart and Soil

Heart & Soil

Being a farmer is more than a job. It is a lifelong mission - to do everything possible for the best harvest achievable. The basic for success is the soil, and - just as important - a total dedication to it. You have to work with heart and soul. Or: with Heart and Soil.

We create a link between the passion, the  farmer's hands-on mentality and his field of competence. No one is in touch with his soil as much as he is - he does not only know what is neccessary and appropriate, he feels it.

Our tires embody the competence and full dedication of a working man's life. With Heart and Soil applies both sides, the farmer and Continental. Continental is the teammate who knows the farmer's demands and requirements and meets his needs - on common ground.

Bringing home the harvest together.

Soil, the very earth beneath our feet, is the stage on which the great circle of life plays out. It gives nurture and nourishment, changing with the weather and the seasons.

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Technology that’s ahead of the field.

Patent-pending N.flex© technology

Every farmer has something that makes them special. With their patent-pending N.flex technology, Continental tires are unique, too. 

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“Respect the soil with a robust tire that treads lightly.”

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“Enjoy a comfortable ride with a tough companion.”

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