CSEasy SC20+ – Continental – Material Handling

Шины для индустриального транспорта

CSEasy SC20+
CSEasy SC20+

CSEasy SC20+

The Durable One

With the unique mounting, it makes you independent from mountig presses and external services. This is made possible by the CSEasy adapter, which can be loosened with a simple Allen key. Compared to conventional solid tires, the adapter ensures a significantly more secure rim seating and simultaneously prevents the tires from twisting on the rim.

And the brilliant adapter has a further advantage: The CSEasy SC20+ tire heats up significantly less. Even under the toughest stresses, the tire remains measurably cooler and is thereby significantly more durable compared to conventional solid tires.

Up to 20% more mileage compared to the predecessor CSEasy SC20 due to new Plus compound

  • Adapter system for easy installation
  • Low abrasion for excellent durability
  • Reduced Rolling resistance
  • Outstanding energy eddiciency
  • Downtimes reduced to a minimum
CSEasy SC20+ 180/70-8
CSEasy SC20+ on Linde H30 forklift
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