Agriculture Tires - Tractor70 - Continental

Шины для индустриального транспорта

The robust allrounder.


Maximum traction, minimum soil compaction


“Respect the soil with a robust tire that treads lightly.”


The new Tractor70 tires are wider than standard ones, resulting in a larger footprint. Combined with the optimum self-cleaning properties from to the smooth, rounded lugs the Tractor70 offers high traction capability. With a new bead design, the tire is also able to operate at lower pressures than other tires therefore placing less of a burden on the soil.

  • Very robust due to SingleWire Bead & N.flex© technology
  • Gentle Ground Handling due to Wide Footprint
  • Better Traction due to wider footprint than Tractor85
  • Good traction due to smooth and rounded interlug design

Technical details

  • 0.2 bar less pressure means a wider footprint, more traction and less soil compaction
  • Excellent self-cleaning due to smooth interlug design with centerline
Tractor70 - Tirepressure
  • Patent-pending N.flex© technology radial carcass
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Flexibility to adapt to impacts without taking damage
Tractor70 - Bead Technology