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Шины для индустриального транспорта

Feel where traction goes hand in hand with comfort.

VF CombineMaster

For steer axles on Harvesters in CFO applications

The VF CombineMaster can be used at a lower inflation pressure, enabling use on roads and in fields with no interim pressure adjustment or reduced durability. The general rule of thumb for VF tires is: 40% more load capacity or 40% less air pressure than standard tires.

Steer axle tires are the smallest tires on the vehicle – and that is precisely where the VF CombineMaster comes into its own. Combine harvesters can carry greater loads at road speeds but are also equipped for cyclic loading on the field, such as when filling or emptying a grain tank. 

  • Rectangular bead for high torque transmission from rim to tire to field
  • High load capability at high speed on road due to VF Technology
  • High comfort and low vibrations due to N.flex technology
Continental CombineMaster 800/65 R32
Continental Agricultural Tires - Movie

Continental Agricultural Tires - Movie

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