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Шины для индустриального транспорта

VF TractorMaster

Efficient switch from road to field

The VF TractorMaster enables an easy transition from road to field, loaded or unloaded, without having to adjust the pressure in between. It carries the same load as standard tires at 40 percent less inflation pressure, or 40 percent more load at the same pressure.

VF tires are the solution if you do not have a tire inflation management system.

  • For traction on clay, hard and dry soils
  • Low soil compaction and high traction due to VF Technology
  • Increased productivity for on the road applications due to more load and therefore fewer transport cycles
  • High mileage due to d.fine lug techonology
  • Excellent robustness due to N.flex technology
Continental VF TractorMaster 710/70R42
Continental Agricultural Tires - Movie

Continental Agricultural Tires - Movie

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