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Грузовые шины — грузоперевозки.

Voluntary Exchange Program

Continental Announces Voluntary Tire Exchange Program for Truck Tires

Exchange Program for ContiHybrid LS3

Exchange program only involves tire 205/75R17.5 Conti Hybrid LS3 - program covers approximately 12,000 tires sold worldwide between June 2014 and June 2015

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Reasons for the Voluntary Tire Exchange Program


Here you can find the reasons for the voluntary tire exchange

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Tire identification - How you find out if your tire is affected


Sidewall lettering of the tire. Here you will find information about the identification of the affected tires.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Here you can find answers on frequently asked questions.

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Contact in your country


For tire exchange, please contact your local Continental partner.

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Websites for specific countries and languages


Here we offer you links to further websites that contain program related information for specific countries like Germany, Portugal, UK, and South Korea in the respective languages.

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