Шины для грузового транспорта


Грузовые шины — грузоперевозки.

Reasons for the Voluntary Tire Exchange Program

What tire is affected by this voluntary exchange program? The affected size, product line and DOT serial numbers are as follows:

  • the tire brand: Continental
  • the product line and name: Conti Hybrid LS3
  • the size: 205/75R17.5
  • the DOT serial numbers: HW96 F7T9 2714 to 2615

The last four digits of the DOT serial numbers indicate the production period (week/year). Tires between 2714 (27th week of 2014) and 2615 (26th week of 2015) are covered by this voluntary exchange program. No other tire sizes, production periods or product lines are affected.
Here you can find photos of the sidewall lettering to verify if your tires are affected    


Why are we conducting this voluntary exchange program?
As market feedback indicates, in a few exceptional cases the product showed sudden pressure loss before being put into service. No personal injuries or accidents were reported. Due to the potential risk that another few similar cases may occur in the market, Continental decided to exchange the product.

What should you do if you have tires affected by this program?

You should ensure that the tires are exchanged as soon as possible. Please contact the local representative in your market named on the following website for details

Safety Warning:
We strongly recommend that you check if your tire is affected and if so ensure that the tire is exchanged as soon as possible. Further information can be found in the FAQ section!     

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